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The Team
Brought together, each with their own unique experiences from agriculture, this team seeks to challenge the agricultural supply chain and empower the farmers that are in a vicious cycle of dept and poverty.
Emilie Udnæs
24, Oslo, Norway
Emilie will graduate as an Electrical Engineer from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in June 2019. Her passion and curiosity for the underlying physics of everything around us has has taught her about topics ranging from everyday electronics such as mobile phones, to a satellite escaping planet Earth on its mission to another planet. Nothing inspires her more than making positive impact on societies. She truly believes in the potential of digital technologies to make our life on Earth, and perhaps other planets, more sustainable.
Sameen Alam
23, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Born and raised in bustling Dhaka, Sameen is a business administration student with a major in finance. Throughout his time in university and school, he has worked on multiple projects and competitions with an emphasis on social good and business strategy culminating in representing Bangladesh in Telenor Youth Forum 2018/19. Through AgriMatch, Sameen has found the best teammates ever who consistently challenge him to think outside the box and from different perspectives to try and tackle the everlasting issue of sustainable farming.
Rachel Loh
22, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hailing from sunny Kuala Lumpur, Rachel is a psychology student who is deeply passionate about women empowerment and the intersection between behavioural science, sustainability, technology & business. Her past experiences include combating food insecurity and farmers’ poverty in Myanmar through a social enterprise which has won prizes like the Norman Borlaug Foundation Award. As an advocate for digital technologies, she hopes to utilise its potential to create sustainable and inclusive solutions for the betterment of society. Through AgriMatch, she is incredibly excited to work with a team of incredible, and highly dedicated and passionate youth leaders to do just that!
Ingrid Høgh Rasmussen
25, Copenhagen, Denmark
From Denmark, Ingrid is a student of anthropology at the University of Copenhagen. Ingrid has worked on various projects related to gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights, and she is deeply fascinated with understanding how cultural and social aspects of life shape everything that surrounds us. Ingrid is particularly passionate about working towards improving human rights conditions and creating opportunities for minorities, and she is convinced that digitalization could be key in doing exactly that. Through the team of AgriMatch, Ingrid feels like she's won the lottery, having met three incredibly inspiring people that are all genuinely passionate about making a difference and optimising the agri-supply chain in a sustainable manner.