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Non-Communicable Diseases
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The Team
We are a team of students, professionals and social entrepreneurs from around the world. We have seen our friends, families and peers struggle with mental and emotional health, and have even struggled ourselves. But we can’t fight a disease that isn’t recognized as one – and that’s why we set out to reduce stigma around mental health from a young age, starting with teenagers in Malaysia. Join us in the fight, because health inequality is everyone’s business!
Cherngchay Tacho
Thailand, 22
Cherngchay is pursuing his junior year in Faculty of Political Science at Thammasat University (TU), near Bangkok. Because he is passionate about politics and international affairs, he is serving as a crew staff working on behalf of the Model United Nations at TU. He attended one of the world's largest MUNs at Harvard World Model United Nations Conference 2018 in Panama City. As a young person, World MUN provided valuable opportunities for him to hone his passions for international affairs and build a strong network. He sees himself as a current and future advocate dedicated to solving pressing problems around the world and helping to inspire younger generations to do the same.
Felicia Yoon
Malaysia, 28
Felicia was brought up in an environment where education was very important. After graduating from the London School of Economics, she stumbled upon PISA numbers that said that only 1 in 100 students in Malaysia can solve complex problems. This drove her to take on the Teach for Malaysia fellowship, during which she discovered how much a teacher and quality education can change a student’s life. She continued her educator journey at Arus, using technology to help students apply what they learn to solve real-life problems. She became a teacher thinking she could change those PISA numbers, but now believes that making her students realise they could change those numbers themselves is much more powerful.
Gabrielle Stööp
Sweden, 26
Gabrielle feels like she was born with optimism and a dedication to make a difference. She describes herself as a typical political scientist who knows a little about a lot, but with a special interest in security and crisis management. She started volunteering as a teenager, which continues to this day. Among other volunteer work, she has been a leader for UNICEF’s volunteers in Stockholm and has founded a small charity that supported a school in Uganda. She has a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the Swedish Defence University. She fully believes that small things become great together, and that together we can create change.
Maieda Janjua
Pakistan, 22
Maieda grew up travelling and living all over Pakistan, which sparked her passion for meeting new people, seeing new places, and discovering new perspectives. In 2017, she graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Computer Science, and since then has dabbled in digital marketing for a travel-tech startup, worked in product development at an international telco, and managed business projects for a global educational travel company in Boston. She is a strong believer in the role of technology in transforming lives and reducing inequalities. In the future, she hopes to get her MBA and continue working at the intersection of tech and social impact.