Number of visitors to gambling Belarus decreased Causes and Consequences

The heyday of the gambling business in Belarus took place at the time of the ban gambling operations in neighboring states. However, the negative trends in the industry and put it at a disadvantage in the past few years. On why Belarusians and foreigners were less likely to visit a casino, read the material.


 1. Context 2. Why did the players from Russia stopped to visit a casino in Belarus

 Number of casinos is gradually declining in Belarus and, according to some journalists, it is a testament to decrease the welfare of the population.

 General context

 According to the chairman of the Association to protect the interests of the organizers of gambling Alesia Parkhomenko, the number of gambling establishments in the country, reduced by five units, and the number of PPP bookmakers over the past four years – to 133 units. Arcades also become much smaller – 57 units.

 Despite the reduction in the number of casinos, gambling revenues from operations increased by 15%, the effect was achieved through the constant increase in tax rates.

 Center of gambling is considered the capital – Minsk, there is the greatest number of gambling establishments. In addition, the location is the most interesting for the operators, as the city is attractive for foreign tourists and developed in terms of infrastructure.

 At the same MHC Belarus lead other statistics, according to which the number of casinos in recent years has doubled.

 Why players from Russia stopped to visit a casino in Belarus

 According to earlier reports, the most common category Casino Belarus visitors were the players from Russia. Despite the fact that the flux density is decreased, it is still not completely dried up.

 The reason the Russians interest in casinos in Belarus is the fact that local casinos are on solid distances, for many residents to get to Belarus simply closer. At the same time visitors arcades located at the border may even come to the taxis.

 One way to attract tourists to provide a special junket tours, but the operators who originally introduced the option, declare that it is in spite of the success of the international practice of not earned the success which had been counted. However, if the first time tours were particularly attractive to Russian and Turkish players, after increasing the cost and the last lost interest in him.

 Followers casino also has changed – now Belarus casinos are more likely to visit the residents of Kazakhstan.

 Recall that, according to a representative of the casino Mayak Princess Hope Trostenyuk when a person visits a gambling establishment twice a week – we have to be one of the manifestations of a gambling addiction.

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